Graphic designers often wish to work on mobile devices, as the touch screen and tablet-style layout of devices like iPads, iPad minis, and iPhones allow for more precise control than traditional desktop computers. Luckily, there are many options and tools available for graphics designers using Apple’s mobile operating system; iOS. If you want to design graphics, web layouts, templates, themes and other images on your mobile Apple device then you should check out these 8 free iOS apps for graphic designers. These apps will allow you to create web graphics, edit photos, and share your design work with others.

1. Canva

Canva is a must-have app for any graphic designer. This design and illustration app for mobile apple devices like the iPad 4 was created to be used with stylus or finger-touch and can help you draw unique patterns, landscapes, and other web graphics. This app allows you to create vector images compatible with any web hosting plan, making it perfect for designers working on website content. The Canva app also supports PNG files and can be used for images with transparent backgrounds.

2. Adobe Photoshop Express

Nearly every graphic designer has worked in Adobe Photoshop, but many aren’t aware of its companion application Photoshop Express. This free utility is a must-download for graphic designers equipped with iPads. You can add filters and edit your images and design work by layer using this .PD compatible mobile software. This powerhouse design application should be on every designer’s phone or tablet.

3. Tayasui Sketches

This free mobile app works on iPhones and iPads and allows you to sketch graphics using over a dozen digital pen and pencil brush tips. This is a great app for anyone wanting hand-drawn style graphics using a mobile device. Tayasui has high user ratings and a great color wheel. Consider installing this app as a lightweight solution for quick and simple sketch projects.

4. Create

The Create app for iOS devices is a great example of how free apps can provide all the power and options of a premium, paid application. Create allows you to draw and design images, shapes, and icons for use with any new web design project. You can also use Create to make logos and typographical designs for your websites and mobile apps. This Apple-friendly design application will help you align fonts and create vector images for scalable, responsive websites. This is a great tool for designers who often need to edit and create additional graphics while away from their desk.

5. Monogram

Monogram is a popular design app on the Apple App Store marketplace. It allows you to create graphic design storyboards by arranging text, images and other media over custom layouts and backgrounds. This app is a unique tool that can be used to create marketing materials, sharable social content, and web graphics. This app works with all devices using iOS 10 or higher.

6. Logo Foundry

If you want to make logos on the go with your iPhone or other mobile Apple device then you should try this free app from the App Store. Logo Foundry is the perfect tool for creating unique, multi-colored flat logos for your business or website. This digital branding tool is a great addition to any designer’s toolbox as it allows for the creation of new logos in just minutes using a simple point and click menu with stylus-control drawing.

7. FontCandy

FontCandy is a free and popular tool for creating typography on iOS devices. This essential application will compliment your other design tools nicely, giving you the added ability to add typographical menus and titles to any project. This tool gives you the option of saving to vector PNG and JPG images for high compatibility. Along with your web graphics, FontCandy can be used to create images for clothing, accessories and other printed materials.

8. Adobe Illustrator Draw

Adobe Illustrator is one of the most popular graphic design tools worldwide. It makes sense that the mobile addition to this Adobe anchor product is equally useful for designers on the go. This app can be used on iPhones and iPads with iOS 9.0 or higher and enables you to draw hand-sketched graphics using your stylus or digital pen. This free app is a great for any designers with web hosting who want to add an impressive collection of work to their online portfolio, since it allows you to export in vector-image formatting.

All of these apps are free and indispensable to graphic designers working on Apple’s mobile platforms. With these apps running on your iOS installation, you’ll be able to start and complete nearly any web graphics project. From Adobe’s staple product Illustrator Draw to free startup apps like Canva, you will be fully prepared to create professional art using your touch screen devices with these apps.

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