In the modern world of the increased popularity of music streaming services, growing and expanding your audience on such platforms has become very difficult. Especially if we are talking about such an enormous beast as Spotify. Since 2016 it was gradually accumulating in the audience which now is reaching almost 700 million users worldwide. Those numbers are huge, and musicians are looking for new ways to become popular faster. One such way that has been gaining popularity in the last couple of years is the Spotify promo. What’s that? How does it work? Let’s find out!

At its core, Spotify promo is nothing but a tweaking of parameters. This can be done through blog posts, mainstream media platforms, social media, social engineering, influencers on YouTube and other platforms, etc. The number of options is almost infinite, and experienced promoters are working tirelessly on developing new strategies for effective promotion. By utilizing the appropriate strategy, designed specifically for a specific client, impressive results are accessible. Moreover, such an action doesn’t cost much, making it a compelling opportunity for younger, budding musicians.

In our fast-moving world, waiting a month to gain a small number of followers sounds excessive and badly designed. You need to score right now, right after the release. The window of popularity is really small, which makes the promotion even more compelling. There is no 100% guarantee that your music will become popular without promotion and that thousands of people will listen and like it. The competent promotion gives such guarantees. By promoting your music, you are making sure that a certain amount of popularity will stick to it.

From a moral standpoint, music promotion on Spotify doesn’t interfere with current standards. The number of musicians already actively using the benefits of a professional promotion is high enough not to feel guilty about it. I would say even more, what is there to be guilty about? A competent promotion is not about fooling someone. It is all about advertising and sending the correct message to the people. And when humans hear those messages, they start listening to your music and follow you up, thus increasing your audience size. It happens completely organically, without fake accounts and illegal activity.

Of course, deciding on such actions requires strength of mind and determination. Leaving the fate of your career into the hands of unknown people can be frightening, especially for younger creators. However, that’s the beauty of the situation – you have nothing to lose. If the promotion is unsuccessful, which never happens, you can simply start another account. But you don’t need to worry about that. If you choose a competent, well-reviewed service, you will never experience any problems.

In 2022, music promotion on Spotify is the best investment any musician can make. It is safe, organic, and effective. It can make you a star in a matter of days, without any fuss or unnecessary effort. So do you want to turn your life around? Or do you prefer sitting and waiting? Make a choice!

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