If you haven’t heard, there is a new platform in town that is going to require your immediate attention, whether you are a business, brand or influencer. If you aren’t already on Tiktok, you should be as it is where you will find your young target market, gen Z. When groups of people pick up on new social media platforms, you want to be at the fore of the early adopters, rather than the laggards, but don’t worry we’re here to help you grow your Tiktok account from the ground up.

What is TikTok and Why Do You Need to Know?

If you are unsure what Tiktok is, think of it as a new app like the previously discontinued vine, where users upload their own content that can’t be any longer than 15 seconds and there is an associated network built around that.

Now what makes Tiktok important is the amount of monthly that it has logging on, like Instagram it can give you access to a market of over a billion monthly users that are spread across the globe, 300 million of these users are based in Asia alone, so it really does transcend traditional marketing boundaries.

Traditional Account Growth Vs Buying Followers

Tiktok is no different to other platforms when it comes to growing organically, it is a slow process that takes time away from other important activities such as content creation and audience engagement. That being said, slow growth is far better than no growth. You grow Tiktok in very much the same way as you do Instagram, find your target market and engage with them through a series of likes, comments and even direct messages, the parameters are the same on Tiktok, but organic growth is a commitment and you also have to have other aspects of your Tiktok strategy mapped out.

Buying Followers

If you are just starting your Tiktok account, it can feel like a daunting task trying to get it off the ground, so why not consider purchasing followers? We don’t advise simply adding 3000 followers to an empty account, you need to have the groundwork laid first otherwise your accounts will look like you have just bought followers and you don’t want that. QuantumMarketer.com says that, first, make sure your profile is complete, make it detailed, thoughtful and interesting, once you have done that, upload some high-quality content making the most of the hashtags and other methods to reach other users. Once you have done that, then you are ready to purchase followers.

You want to make sure that your following looks real, so don’t add 4000 in one sitting, slowly drip feed them onto your profile to make it look as though your account is growing in interest. Buying followers is an excellent way to get your profile off the ground as it adds a veneer of popularity to your account, but you don’t just want to buy followers and not work behind the scenes on your organic growth strategy, so what else can you do to help grow your account?

Posting Time

Like all social media, Tiktok requires you to understand your target market, and the quickest way to reach your market, is to post when they are online. You don’t just want to have bought followers on your profile, you want to make sure that you have real engagement too, so post when your target market is most active and keep posting at these set times. The more consistent you are with posting at these times, the more likely users are to remember you and want to engage with your videos and profile.


Like all social media platforms, to grow your account you need to consistently upload good content and Tiktok is no different. Unlike Instagram through, realistically to increase and grow your following, you need to be uploading content on a daily basis. It does seem like a lot of work, but the rewards will be totally worth it. High quality content is the key to growing organically and the better the content, the faster you will grow. Look at competitors’ content if you aren’t sure on what to create and then go from there!

Final thoughts

There is no right or wrong strategy when it comes to growing your Tiktok account, but there is a better way of doing it. Buying followers in an excellent way to get your profile off the ground and give it the veneer of popularity but also deploying an organic growth strategy at the same time will give your feed authority and validity. It is a lot faster to simply buy a few thousand followers and hope that your audience will increase just on the basis that your feed looks popular, but that isn’t the case. Like any other social media platform you need to put the work in behind the scenes to increase your reach and audience. If you are looking to grow your Tiktok account, the best way to do this is by not only buying followers, but engaging others users too.

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