How To Set Up WordPress Static Front Page

WordPress is an excellent software which can easily be used as a blog or CMS. WordPress themes usually display blog posts at the home page of website. It is very common need of website owners to set up WordPress static front page.

WordPress Static Front Page Need

WordPress static front page can be used for several reasons. It can be a landing page of your business or a welcome page of your portfolio. You can customize WordPress static front page according to your taste.

You will learn to setup WordPress static front page and blog page in this tutorial.

1. Add New WordPress Static Front Page

We will create WordPress static front page in our first step.

WordPress Static Front Page

Add New page via the Pages menu. Choose the title of WordPress static front page what you want. I have given Front Page for tutorial purpose. Content of this page will appear on your home page.

Important: Mostly, themes provide special Front Page template. If your theme has this template, it will appear under the Page Attributes on the right side of editor. You may select this template. In that case, content of this page will or will not appear on your home page. It depends on the settings of template.

2. Add New WordPress Blog Page

We have published WordPress static front page in our first step. In this step we will create WordPress blog page. This page will display your blog posts.

Add New page via the Pages menu. Title it according to your wish. It may Blog, News or Articles.

Important: There is no need to write any content as it will be replaced by the content of blog posts. There is also no need of custom template for this page.

3. Configure WordPress Static Front Page

We have published our both pages in the step 1 and 2. It is time to configure WordPress static front page now,

Configure WordPress Static Front Page

Open the Reading panel under the Settings menu. Set Front page displays to a static page. Set the appropriate pages in the Front and Posts drop down menus. Press the Save Changes to finalize your WordPress static front page configuration.


Enable Permalinks for your website by visiting Permalinks page under the Settings menu. Making WordPress static front page will be useless, if you have not enabled Permalinks.

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