Google Trends is a great way to keep track of what people are searching for on the internet. You can use it to find out what topics are popular, and then use that information to inform your online marketing efforts.

So, if you haven’t used Google Trends in your SEO marketing strategy up until now, this article will investigate the functionality of Google Trends, how it can be used to shape your SEO strategy, and why you should be using it to inform your online efforts in 2022 and beyond.

What is Google Trends?

Google Trends is a tool that allows you to see how often particular terms are being searched for on the internet. This can be useful for a variety of purposes, such as understanding which topics are currently popular, or gauging the relative popularity of different products or services. You can also use it to spot trends in search behaviour over time.

To use Google Trends, simply enter a search term into the box on the homepage. You’ll then see a graph showing how often that term has been searched for over time. You can use the options on the left-hand side to refine your results, including changing the date range or geographical region.

Who Uses Google Trends?

There’s no one answer to this question – Google Trends is used by all sorts of people, from researchers to marketing professionals like SEO Darwin specialists, to regular ol’ internet users. Just about anyone who wants to know more about how often particular terms are being searched for can find something of value in Google Trends.

How Often is Google Trends Updated?

Google Trends is updated pretty regularly! In fact, it’s one of the most frequently updated tools that Google offers. So if you’re looking for the latest trends, you can be sure that you’ll find them on Google Trends.

Why is Google Trends Useful?

One of the most interesting things about Google Trends is that you can compare multiple terms side-by-side. This can be helpful for seeing how two different products or services are faring in the market, or for understanding how a particular issue is being talked about online. To do this, simply enter multiple terms into the search box, separated by commas.

Google Trends can be a valuable tool for businesses and individuals alike. If you’re trying to understand what people are interested in, or want to stay ahead of the curve on popular trends, it’s well worth taking some time to explore what Google Trends has to offer.

Here are seven ways that you can use Google trends to your advantage in 2022 and beyond.

1. Check out your competitors

Google Trends is a great way to see how your competitors are faring in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Simply enter their domain name into the Google Trends tool and you’ll be able to see how they’re performing over time.

2. See what’s trending in your industry

Use Google Trends to stay up to date on the latest trends in your industry. You can use the “Trending now” section to see what topics are currently being searched for the most. This is a great way to make sure your content is always relevant and informative.

3. Monitor your brand mentions

Mentions of your brand on the internet can have a big impact on your SEO. Google Trends can help you track these mentions so you can see how your brand is being received by the public. This information can be used to adjust your SEO strategy accordingly.

4. Find new keywords to target

Google Trends can be used to find new keywords to target in your SEO campaigns. Simply enter a few relevant terms into the tool and see what related keywords are being searched for the most. You can then use these keywords in your content and on your website to improve your chances of ranking in the SERPs.

5. See how seasonal trends affect your traffic

Seasonal trends can have a big impact on the amount of traffic your website receives. Google Trends can help you track these trends so you can adjust your SEO strategy accordingly. For example, if you know that traffic to your site tends to drop during the summer months, you can make sure to ramp up your SEO efforts before this time to offset the decline.

6. Keep an eye on your industry’s biggest players

Google Trends is a great way to track the performance of your industry’s biggest players. This information can be used to benchmark your own performance and adjust your SEO strategy accordingly.

7. See how geo-specific trends affect your traffic

If you have a website that targets a specific geographic area, Google Trends can be used to track geo-specific trends. This information can be used to ensure that your content is always relevant to your target audience.

Wrapping Up

Google Trends is a powerful tool that can be used to inform your SEO strategy. By using the information from Google Trends, you can make sure that your website is always relevant and visible in the SERPs.

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