Once a site is setup on WordPress hosting the next step is to pick a theme. Finding the ideal theme that both represents a business and retains potential visitors is imperative to the overall success of the website. We’re going to take a closer look below at the top five responsive one-page WordPress themes that can get a business the attention it deserves.

The Moon Theme

This elegant theme is creative and engaging to the user. Its attractive, yet simplistic setup allows for a modern look into the business’s feature services. Scrolling provides seamless breaks into multiple section colors that help individual information blocks stand out.

This theme is compatible with Visual Composer and Woo Commerce plugins. With The Moon Theme, the designer is able to customize their intro section with a photo slider, video background, full-sized map, or layer slider. Videos in .mp4 and .webm formats are compatible with this theme.

Incubator Theme

Incubator is an ideal choice for a lightweight, fast-loading theme. It’s tech-savvy and engages the user with a sleek design. This theme is compatible with all browsers and platforms on the market. It’s simple for a novice to use, but provides the advanced options for more experienced website builders.

This theme allows for a quick eye-catching introduction that falls right over to the overview of the services the business offers. Further below it allows room for a detailed description of the company. A unique photo slider allows viewers to click through staff photos to get a look at who they are talking to.

Continuing further down the one-page theme there is a highlighted section reserved for a quote from the company leader. This is followed by example works and testimonials from customers. Lastly, the latest blog posts are displayed in an orderly fashion which ends with all the business contact information so customers can reach out to them.

The Incubator theme is ideal for those start-up businesses looking to make a stunning impression on new customers. This theme is so simple to work with, but so elegant when completed.

Brando Theme

Brando is the perfect theme for pretty much any type of business. It’s just as great for personal use as it is for professional use. This theme has a stylish and stimulating look that will be sure to captivate website visitors. Its flexible setup allows for an individualized polished product that reflects the specific business it’s for.

This theme comes with multiple header styles and navigation designs so the tone of the site can be matched with the content. Brando allows anyone the ability to quickly develop a high-quality website with extraordinary features with their simple drag and drop visual composer.

Brando comes with a mixture of slider options including images, content, and call-to-action buttons. The creative portfolio options allow businesses to showcase their image galleries. This theme is also highly optimized to be lightweight and load fast to improve the viewer’s overall experience.

You Theme

The You theme provides a sleek, well-organized website structure. It makes navigation extremely easy so visitors can quickly find what they’re looking for without having to weed through piles of unnecessary information. Its attention-grabbing header allows for an immediate introduction to the business and what customers are saying about it.

You is easy-to-use for the most novice website creator. It’s super fast and highly customizable. With the live-editing option, one can see the changes they’re making in real-time. No matter which WordPress hosting company the site is on, this theme will remain extremely fast so the site is optimized for high rankings on the search engines.

The You theme allows the creator to add or remove any sections from the one-page theme that they would like. It also provides complete customization of font styles and colors. With flexi shape options, one can throw out the square, boring design of other themes and craft their very own modern and fun design.

Pulse Theme

The Pulse theme is truly unique with its edgy and versatile style. This boasts creativity with visually stunning animations. It will attract users with its modern business look. Pulse is a highly busy theme that always provides multiple things for users to view.

The top of this theme starts with animated text highlighting the most important things about the website. It continues down the page with a portfolio gallery that is perfect to idolize previous work. It moves on to highlight the main features of the business and gives a short overview of each. At the bottom, an elegant slider allows for customer testimonials. This active theme provides a highly unique experience that visitors won’t forget.

All of these five responsive themes highlighted above will provide any website creator with the best-looking site to promote their services. There are many theme options out there, but the ones above stand out from the rest in their ability to provide an astonishing setup that is easy to create for novice website builders.

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