If you’re running a business that collects a lot of information in the form of technical logs, then you’ve probably already heard about things like APM services, performance management tools, and logging applications. After all, with businesses of all sizes now collecting data in everything from their production lines to their contact centers, it’s becoming harder for us all to keep track of our information on our own. Services that can automatically collect, organize, and analyze the data in your dispersed business systems can save you a lot of time and effort, while giving you useful insights that you can use to take your company a step further.

Today, we’re going to look at one of the benefits of business and Appoptics application monitoring tools that often gets overlooked, which is reducing human error.

Getting Help from Technology

Think about how many systems in your enterprise collect information today. Your machinery is constantly logging processes and actions to let you know which parts and components are working properly. You’re always collecting data on your resources and customer interactions, to help you ensure that you’re investing your money into the right strategies. You might even have tools in place to ensure that you’re always ready for an audit if your industry tries to check whether or not you’re compliant with the latest regulations.

Before logging tools appeared in the market, all of that information consolidation needed to be handled manually. This meant that people needed to sort through data logs and figure out which ones were relevant to the company, and which weren’t. The process was time-consuming and riddled with problems, because human beings are naturally prone to more mistakes than machines. By switching to automated tools for these repetitive logging processes, companies can access the data that they need to understand the performance of the day to day operations, without having to compromise on accuracy.

Monitoring Employee Performance

Logging solutions help you to instantly detect threats in your workplace and remedy problems before they become too significant. This is a great way to keep your risk of downtime to a minimum and ensure that you’re always one step ahead of any malfunctions. However, many of the latest tools on the market – particularly those designed for security and compliance purpose, also come with features that allow you to track employee activity too. This means you can find out whether someone has logged into a system without authorization, or whether data has been used incorrectly.

The tools that monitor your logs will also keep track of what your teams are doing in your enterprise, so you can keep your risk of tampering, breaches, and even accidental errors to a minimum. In the right circumstances, these software solutions can even act like detectives, locating culprits responsible for potential issues, so that you can take the right action to protect your organization. It turns out that APM and performance management tools aren’t just there to help you understand the inner workings of your business better. They can also help you to make the most out of your teams too.

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