Since arguably all of video creators, advertisers and viewers go to YouTube for video content, it is safe to say that reaching success and recognition on this platform is a lucrative goal. However, in this article, we will be talking about YouTube views and how to help out content creators and get them more views quickly. If you are interested in How to gain views on YouTube fast, read our short guide!

Cross-network marketing

It is estimated that most YouTube content creators attract anywhere between 5 to 50% of their views from linking their content on other social media sites. Utilising Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat and whatnot could tremendously boost reach and attract new fans as well as lure people into returning to your content after a while.

Cross social networking and brand building will help short and long-term gains. It is a method that requires consistency, effort and will likely show better results long-term rather than instantly. There could be a more fitting solution.


Good, old-fashioned advertising. Find innovative and cutting-edge methods from Guerrilla marketing or shock marketing to attract more engaged views. Since it is a ‘fits-all-means’ method, the results cannot be extremely effective.

We would recommend online marketing since physical ads only bring a minimal return (engagement) rate, especially for online products. We recommend only opting for this when you have a large budget and extra spending funds left, as explained on GetViral reviews.

Buying Youtube views

In terms of cheap YouTube views and the quickest results, buying YouTube views is the absolute king. Buying views from BuySocialMediaMarketing attracts organic and natural engagement, opposite to bot network catalysed views.

This does not violate YouTube’s terms of service since BuySocialMediaMarketing makes use of legit and time-tested methods. The views start arriving within hours, and your video gets immediate recognition instead of a gradual increase over time as so happens with other methods. We recommend buying YouTube views for the quickest results and a cheap boost on YouTube views without much hassle.

Hire an agency

If you have a large spending budget, hiring an agency for professional advertising solutions could bring a considerable and effective increase in views. However, agencies are usually quite expensive, while solutions like buying views or brand building through cross-network posting are a lot cheaper. Buying views will also bring faster results compared to the services of an agency or old-fashioned advertising.

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