The name of WordPress is quite common among the masses. The company started as a major blogging platform but now acts more of Content Management. The system is not only simple but has several added benefits to it. According to a study, almost 33 per cent of all the websites use WordPress as their website management.

These days, there are several packages available on the internet. In fact, there are even custom themes from WordPress. Therefore, the question remains, should I create a WordPress site or build a custom website? You will get your answers after reading the entire article, as we have discussed the benefits of using WordPress. So have a look at the benefits and decide for yourself.

The WordPress Benefits

You can use WordPress not only for blogging but also for building your website. Whether it is an e-commerce or a social networking site, WordPress seems to have all the answers. For just 200 dollars, you can have the best site for your business. If you want something at less, you can build yourself. So, let’s check the benefits of this immensely popular platform.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization

There are quite a number of SEO plugins and extensions for enhancing the SEO optimization of your website. You can use Yoast for a better SEO for your website.

All these make any WordPress rank better than the others, therefore giving enough reasons for the businesses to use the platform.

Can be Easily Used

If you are a complete layman when it comes to content management and programming stuff, you can still build a website using WordPress with the utmost ease.

The best thing about WordPress is its administration and management of all the technicalities and content. It is way easier to insert all the plugins, with an intuitive and faster platform for adding content.

There is no need to be dependent on any designer while using this platform. You can simply hit your dashboard and edit the themes and the other options available as explained via Project Cool.

Easy to Install

Majority of the web hosting platforms and services offer a quick installation of WordPress. You don’t have to go through various steps for installing WordPress. The process is more of a one-step way, thus taking a much less time.

There isn’t any sort of need of downloading the installation files or taking the help of an FTP server for the installation. You can simply click on the installation option for its installation.

Security Aspect

Almost every platform and software on the internet has a certain level of vulnerabilities. You can’t expect a totally secured package on any site. However, you must be thinking of using a site that’s comparatively more secure than the others, and WordPress is one such site. Just keep in mind certain security aspects and go for the platform.

WordPress Plugins

Plugins can be helpful in a lot of ways. It can improve your site by fetching more options and functionalities, or it can help to improve your site’s outlook and SEO ranking. Whatever be the case, there are more than 1000 kinds of WordPress plugins for you to choose and use.

You can start having the metrics for your site or connect the same with social media. Plugins can help you with a podcast and even ease the process of an e-store.

A Strong and Integrated Community Support

WordPress has a way better community support than the other groups and sites present. You can find several ebooks, blogs, videos and groups all across the internet and social media platforms.

This is because of the number of people using WordPress for their websites. The massive number has given an opportunity and created a way for an extensive support system on the internet.

The Updates

The WordPress updates are yet another helpful feature of the platform. The daily updates and suggestions from the developers’ community on the internet help WordPress to constantly offer better user experience and fix the bugs.

Theme Customization

WordPress offers a huge collection of themes for its users to build their websites. Each of them can be customised to fit the preferences and needs of the clients. Besides the available plugins, there are a whole bunch of a thousand templates for your ease.

Available Speed

Maybe not the fastest but it is surely faster than a lot of other websites and platforms. Thus, you can count on the platform for all your website needs. Others are doing it, so why not you?

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