Are you passionate about your WordPress site working better? In the past decade, WordPress is one of the most popular platforms used to build many types of websites with ease and little to no technical knowledge. Personal blogs, e-commerce, just name it. Today, with thousands and thousands of different add-ons and plugins, all users can improve the design and functions of their WordPress website. Customization and friendly interface for newbies are one of the main and biggest WordPress advantages. But, if you want to build your website in the right way, there are more things than just picking the right template and publishing content. It’s true, web content management systems like WordPress are doing a great job helping you with everything, but still, there are some tasks you should do on your own and very carefully.

With some tips, we will try to help you to host the WordPress website smartly, and for long-term success and peace.

1. Think: what will be the exact purpose of your website?

Do you need a WordPress website for business? Or for a hobby? Do you want to online shop with payments, orders, and inventory, or you just want to blog? Each of these types of WordPress website requires different capabilities, so it’s on you to think about what you want if you want to realize the purpose of the website. For example, blogs are usually very easy to manage and to set-up, but, e-commerce websites can be very complex.

2. Choose your hosting provider

Choosing the right, reliable hosting provider for your WordPress website is essential for success. Your hosting provider needs to give you enough resources to handle your site traffic, avoiding crashes and downtime as much as possible and provides a needed speed. Of course, the type of hosting depends on your website needs: when you find out what you want and what you need it will be much easier. So, before you choose a hosting provider, google it first and read the reviews from satisfied users, because the reviews are usually the best way to see a provider’s reliability. Many hosting providers offer high quality and affordable solutions for WordPress websites, you should consider managed WordPress hosting services too, be sure to read what the other customers say and choose wisely.

3. Think about security

Whether your WordPress website popular or not, there is always a chance that someone will try to harm it. Backup your website as often, so you can easily revert to a previous version of your website if anything goes wrong. Also, think about some complex password because it’s the first thing someone will try to sabotage.

4. Update on a regular basis

Updating a website is important because it will help you to fix any potential functionality issues, bugs, etc. Always check for new versions of your WordPress theme or plugins and update them regularly.

5. Plan your website look

Your WordPress website outlook is a very important part of planning strategy because the look of your website is an important part of business branding. The popularity of the WordPress platform is in thousands and thousands of pre-designed templates you can choose. Templates and themes will shorten your designing process, so you can start with some great features and then customize other things, like fonts and colors.

6. Use PNG images

Your website will run faster if you reduce the size of images. PNG is recommended for WordPress – this is a very densely compressed format that takes a small portion of memory so it loads faster and doesn’t take a lot of your memory space. As you probably know, fast site speed is one of the most important things for your business. Speeding up your loading time can position your website to better ranking on search engines, and bring you more visitors.

7. SSL certificate is everything

Protection of the data exchange between your website and visitors is very important, and an SSL certificate is the key element of this protection. One more thing: SSL will help your WordPress site to be better positioned in search engines.

8. Feedback is the key to the success

The voice of the visitors is very important. Pay attention to what your audience says because it will help you improve both your website and your business. Read what your customers and website visitors think about your business/blog: think about suggestions as helpful tips.

We hope these tips were helpful to you. Remember, patience and good strategy are essential elements of every successful business. Good luck!

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