Awesome Politician WordPress Themes

WordPress is an awesome CMS that will allow even the most non technical person to update information easily with a click of a button. Presidents, senators, congressmen and other aspirants of elective positions in the government need political WordPress themes. Are you a politician, or a website designer needing to build a WordPress website dedicated to politicians and politics? This collection of themes may be just what you are looking for.

Fantastic Politician WordPress Themes Gallery

And you can do so by creating an impressive website for your party. In this post, we have showcased some of the popular politician WordPress themes for politic and political parties. These creative politician WordPress themes are very well crafted. You electorate will think you have a private team of consultants crafting your political brand. Check out this post to choose your favorite political WordPress theme from the below list.

Political – Candidate , Campaign WordPress Theme

Political - Candidate , Campaign WordPress Theme

Political is a WordPress theme, this page is exactly that you need if you want to show information about a candidate campaign and it can be used for other websites related to politics. Even it can be used for other general purpose websites. Political is not only a political theme also, you can use it for adapt it to your needs. It is easy to configuration, we can offer you a great support and doing easier your its use.

Right Way – Politician WordPress Themes

Right Way - Political WordPress Theme

Right Way is a modern WordPress theme created towards Politics and Politicians. It’s characterized by attractive and bright design, as well as numerous options and functions. Focused especially on politics and politicians, Right Way can become the best website to reveal any political event or depict any public figure. Our theme will become a helpful hand for those who seek to manage a political movement or party, or simply intent to create an informational portal with political orientation.

Politicize – Political Responsive WordPress Theme

Politician WordPress Themes

Politicize is a responsive WordPress theme which is designed for politicians, political parties. It is compatible with all modern mobile devices. A very well designed WordPress theme with a blog, multiple galleries, 5 header styles, unlimited color schemes, events, donations, Layer slider and team pages.

Election – Politician WordPress Themes

Election - Political WordPress Theme

Election is a political WordPress retina ready theme with unlimited skins. Whether you’re a political blogger or political candidate, “Election” will give you a beautiful website design that is mobile friendly, functionally robust, SEO friendly, and easy to use. It has powerful CMS functionality and a long list of premium features. Election is a fully responsive theme, meaning it will look great on the smallest smartphone as well as the biggest desktop monitor.

Legislator: Political WordPress Campaign Theme

Legislator - Political WordPress Campaign Theme

The Legislator WordPress theme will help usher your campaign to the masses in an elegant, bold and descriptive way. Legislator promotes action and interaction with your candidate or organization. This theme was built with professional level accessibility and performance in mind by using the Foundation 5 framework by the smart folks at Zurb. Your audience can engage with you on mobile devices with ease and if you’re a developer, you can customize it super fast and efficiently.

Senator: Political WordPress Theme

Politician WordPress Themes

Senator is a political WordPress theme which features a responsive, retina-ready & minimal design which focuses on usability, a great user experience and performance. Senator boasts a flexible design, top notch support and is one of the easiest to use and most versatile political themes on the market. You’ll be able to impress your electors with Senator, by maintaining an online shop, harnessing the power of a socially-engaging community and planning events for your political-related meetups.

Parlament: Political WordPress Theme

Parlament - Political WordPress Theme

Parlament is a political WordPress theme which features a highly interactive and retina-ready design, fully responsive implementation and a focus on user experience, usability and performance. The theme also features a flexible design, top notch support and I think it’s safe to say that is one of the easiest and most intuitive to use political themes on the market right now. Parlament has valid HTML5 code, is W3C compliant and makes no use of bloated option panels. We’re using the WordPress Theme Customize, which was introduced in WordPress 3.4, and it is the place where every single change can be seen right away.

Political Press – Politician WordPress Themes

Political Press - Responsive WordPress Theme

Political Press is a purpose oriented WordPress theme for politics related websites and blogs. Political Press theme’s usage is not limited to creating a political candidate campaign website and it can be used for other websites or blogs related to politics. Even it can be used for other general purpose websites. Political Press theme has very easy and comprehensive set of theme options that will help you configure and modify the things around your site more easily. Political Press theme is fully hand coded and its HTML is written keeping in mind your sites good ranking on search engines.

City Government – WordPress Retina Theme

City Government - WordPress Retina Theme

City Government Theme WordPress theme is a web masterpiece which is designed for government departments, agencies and local government sites. It is compatible with all modern mobile devices. A very wall designed theme with a blog, gallery, events management, mega menu, virtual city tour and full screen map. The main features, which are extremely important and super useful are, Events Calendar & Management, Multilingual support, 3D Layer Slider and Facebook fan page compatibility.

Politic: Campaign, Political WP & BuddyPress Theme

Politician WordPress Themes

Politic: Campaign & Political WordPress Theme, our very first file on this beautiful market, extremely unique with a bunch of cool features, just enough to keep you busy. This one can definitely become the perfect theme for you. Politic is meant to make you look good, professional and make you stand out as a trusted candidate for the people. This theme is definitely fast, with a rating of 87/100 on Google Pagespeed, which is just a proof of the fact that this theme is also SEO optimized.

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