There are modern studies which prove that rivalry at work may be beneficial for company productivity and for employees as it boosts them to perform better at work.

For example, Gavin J. Kilduff, Ph.D. with other scientists conducted a study which proved rivalry being advantageous. They claim that rivals become more motivated and try harder to win.

And some employers think it is a good idea to spark rivalry at the office. Well, it is a disputable question. Let’s get to know the pros and cons of such an approach. So you will be able to make the right decision whether you want to work in a competitive environment.

Advantageous of rivalry at work

  1. Competitiveness is a part of human’s nature. It’s an instinct, and some employers use it to make employees perform better. And it works when it is used wisely.
  2. Rivalry eliminates laziness. For example, the best worker of the week gets extra bonuses. People have to work well and compete to get those bonuses.
  3. A lot of employees find such an environment exciting. Rivalry stimulates them to achieve more.

Negative aspects of rivalry among employees

  1. For some people it’s difficult to succeed in such an environment, they feel frustrated and can’t perform well.
  2. Teamwork may suffer from constant competitiveness. People can’t collaborate effectively. They might sabotage each other’s efforts.
  3. Rivalry among employees may destroy the company’s goals since people can’t work as a team. They only think about how to win the race and forget about common objectives.
  4. Employees may feel fear, mistrust and de-motivation.

If you’re looking for a job, pay attention to the company policies related to this issue. You should visit a job site, where different enterprises suggest work. It’s a good opportunity to find appropriate working conditions for you. It’s completely up to your personality what to choose: rivalry or a calm environment.

In case competitiveness is better for you, you have to learn some rules on how to survive and win the race. We’ll provide you with tips.

The first thing you must know, rivalry may be healthy and unhealthy. Unhealthy rivalry creates a toxic environment in the workplace, employees are jealousy, they don’t trust each other and trying to beat one another. Contrary, healthy competitiveness doesn’t spoil the working process. It adds motivation, creativity and stimulates employees to perform better. And it completely depends on the employer! He must be wise enough to create such an atmosphere where rivals work together for the sake of common goals with nobody being killed. So, assess your potential employer and decide if his point of view on rivalry is similar to yours. If you’ve decided that you’re OK to work in rivalry, stick to the following tips. They will ease your life and the working process.

  1. Focus on the common goals. Don’t forget that eventually, you’re all doing the same business. You’re working with clever and talented (probably) people. Respect each other, no matter you’re rivals.
  2. Stay confident, act with the sense of self-dignity, don’t gossip and let your work speaks of you.
  3. Don’t take rivalry personally. If your coworkers are hostile to you, it means you’re performing well. Your achievements make them jealous.
  4. Distance yourself. Sometimes a situation is too tense. Everyone seems an enemy. Step back, look around. Remind yourself what the core aim is, why you are here. Try to decrease negative competitiveness.
  5. Find common ground with your coworkers. It may be anything, from your common working objectives to sports or TV shows. Have lunch or coffee break together, you get closer. See people, not only competitors in each other. Though, it might be really difficult! But it worth trying!

To sum up, rivalry is a quite challenging thing. Competitors must stay humans, it’s up to their self-dignity and respect.

Here’s an example of healthy competition. Bill Gates wrote a letter to Steve Jobs, who was ill at that time, that he is proud of Job’s and Apple’s success. Jobs kept that letter at the bedside. Despite they were rivals, they both respect each other. Your competitor must not the ones you hate. They are the ones who push you up. If everyone remembers it, rivalry will become a stepping stone to success.

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