Need an SSL for your site? Whether you’re a first-time SSL certificate user or are looking to replace your current SSL, Comodo SSL is the perfect choice for all types of websites of every size.

Read on to find out why. 

1. It will secure your site and protect your customers

SSL certificates are a web security essential. No matter your website type, you want to make sure that any data sent between your website server and your user browsers are kept safe, secure, and private. Especially if you have an online store or a site that requests personal information from visitors. With fraud becoming more and more commonplace and hackers growing more and more sophisticated, you should be taking every precaution when it comes to site security. 

Installing a Comodo SSL certificate will help protect your customers by keeping their sensitive data safe from prying eyes. Using the TLS protocol, SSLs create an encrypted connection every time someone visits your site. This means that any information sent over this connection will be rendered unreadable except to them and you. Perfect for customer trust and peace of mind. 

2. It will help impress browsers and retain users

SSL certificates have become a must-have over the past few years, not only because they are an essential element of website security (which they are) and because major search engines and browsers have made it so. Browsers like Chrome and Firefox have recognized the importance of a more secure, encrypted web and have begun to protect their users accordingly. 

When someone using one of these browsers attempts to visit a website without an SSL, the browser will send a message stating that the website may not be secure. Most users are put off by such a message and won’t proceed to the site. As a result, not having an SSL certificate in this day and age may mean losing website visitors and customers. 

3. Comodo SSL means quality SSL

While SSL certificates are undoubtedly vital, not all SSL certificates are created equal. All web browsers and applications have a built-in list of Certificate Authorities that they deem trustworthy. If you decide to buy from a Certificate Authority that isn’t on that list, you may find that your site won’t always work. Luckily, as one of the largest commercial Certificate Authorities in the world providing certificates for 34% of the SSL market, Comodo SSL certificates are widely trusted across the tech industry. 

With a range of extensive range of certificates for businesses and websites of all sizes, you’re sure to find the perfect Comodo SSL for your needs.

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