One of the significant advantages of the second version of Magento is the simplified checkout procedure. Now there is a unique opportunity to make some minor changes that will improve the convenience of shopping. Progress has been made in this direction due to a number of specialized modules for one-page checkout, which allows you to place an order in one step – One Step Checkout for Magento 2.

This news will be useful even for users of the first Magento, who can also use a modern and convenient solution in their business. To do this, simply study the list of the most popular modules and find the best solution for your platform. 

One Step Checkout for Magento Features

For the first time, the One Step Checkout module became known back in 2010. Then, the innovation had a huge impact on the entire eCommerce industry. The developers have integrated the One Step Checkout module into the core capabilities of the Magento system, which has become one of the main reasons for the success of the entire platform. Such a module has significantly improved the site usability for customers placing their orders on eCommerce online stores.

Thanks to the revolutionary One Step Checkout solution, eCommerce websites have significantly reduced the number of shoppers who abandon their carts and leave the site without ordering. Thus, the implementation of the module had a positive impact on conversion rates and growth in operating profit. 

The One Step Checkout Module for Magento 2 Benefits

Not so long ago, the developers released a fresh version of the One Step Checkout module for the second version of Magento. The updated module was created taking into account all the technical features of the platform, opening up several unique user opportunities:

  •  recalculation of the amount of the completed order and the commission in dynamics;
  •  replacing the standard checkout page with a general, universal one with convenient step-by-step instructions;
  •  the ability to integrate with the technology of automatic filling of addresses Google Places;
  •  convenient functionality for entering information about discounts and a gift card into the order;
  •  100% responsive checkout process.

Even taking into account the relatively recent appearance of the Magento 2 platform, the developers have already managed to create many interesting and effective solutions that make the ordering process even easier and more convenient. One Step Checkout is just an example of such a module. With its help, online stores are able to transform the standard functionality of the platform into a simple and user-friendly page with ample opportunities. Because the module was created based on the usual procedure for creating an order in Magento 2, it can be successfully integrated with any other similar modules. The adaptive design of the module will allow you to make purchases with maximum convenience on any device with an Internet connection. Besides, the module provides a variety of options for entering data, which allows you to easily customize it according to individual business goals. 

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