A customer service help desk can be an exceptionally valuable tool when it comes to managing an audience’s experience with your brand as well as the likelihood of them returning or recommending you to others. However, a poorly managed service or IT help desk can do the exact opposite. Needlessly complex or poorly implemented features can put customers off using this tool and make their interactions with you frustrating instead of helpful. In this article, we’ll look at ways in which you can make your service desk customer service the best it can be.

Tailor Customer Portals and Their Features to the User

It’s important for everything you present to the public to remain on-brand and to represent your company as effectively as possible. However, it’s still more important for every customer’s interaction with your brand to be positive, productive and efficient. Try to avoid complicated navigation structures, pointless bells and whistles and crammed-in special features on any customer portal you implement. Instead, start from the end-point – for example, the aims of the customer using the resource – and find the simplest way to get there. Simplicity and ease-of-use is vital. Create your structures and pathways first, then add any minimal extra touches later.

Use and Respond to Results-Based Reporting

Don’t flood yourself with mountains of irrelevant data and instead, narrow down and clarify your key performance indicators and try to stick to a few key areas of information that will help you to summarize your service desk’s performance and the way in which it is used. Data that is easily interpretable will lead you to clear conclusions, enabling you to easily determine the changes that need to be made and the areas in which you already perform well.

Provide Clear FAQs and Troubleshooting Guides

A good service desk from this site here provides users with all the information they need to quickly and easily solve their own problems wherever possible. This enables both your employees and customers to save valuable time, and may give the latter valuable knowledge that they can use time and time again. Clear, readily accessible FAQs and troubleshooting guides can reduce queues on helplines and resolve user frustrations, making the overall experience more pleasant and straightforward.

Work on the Speed and Efficiency of Your Responses

This can be achieved by analyzing data and responding to reports. In order for your service desk to work like the proverbial well-oiled machine, you need a highly efficient and well-managed ticketing system. This will allow each customer issue or case to be assigned a particular number and enable staff members working on that case to add notes relating to its progress, the resolutions attempted and the individuals working on it. Good ticketing systems are among the most valuable help desk features, as they allow for the efficient management and easy prioritization of service issues.

Ask for Feedback

Your service desk users are the most valuable source of information regarding the resource’s performance – so ask them what they think. From questionnaire pop-ups featuring incentives for their completion, such as entry into a competition, to friendly requests for reviews at the end of a call, there are so many ways in which your company can ask for suggestions and feedback regarding your service desk and the experience of its users. Of course, it’s then important to actively pursue the more popular changes and tweaks requested wherever possible.

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